Referral links for business

Here is a list of several resources to help you grow with your business including referral links to receive extra perks for signing up! These are all businesses that I have personally used and love.

  • Square
  • Vistaprint
  • Fetch
  • Thimble
  • Sezzle


Square is the leading credit card processing company for vendors and in-person sales. By using my referral link, you’ll receive free processing on $1,000 in sales for 180 days. click here:


Vistaprint is an e-commerce company that produces physical and digital marketing products for small businesses including business cards, banners, labels/stickers, and more! Click here to get started:

Fetch rewards

My favorite on the list!

Fetch is a free app that awards points in exchange for scans of your receipts, both digital and physical. You can then redeem those points for gift cards!

This app is especially useful for all of those Amazon orders for displays/materials etc. Easily sync your account with your Amazon to rack up points to redeem for gift cards! I’ve already gotten several coffees for free just by syncing my Amazon! I even used some points to get more Amazon stuff. Your points are redeemable for gift cards to several business including target, Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, starbucks/dunkin, and more! After you sign up, you can digitally scan Amazon receipts from the last 14 days so you don’t have to wait until you order something again to start getting points! It’s not just for Amazon orders. You can scan any receipt for groceries, gas, fast food, and more! The app also has frequent promotions for certain brands and types of receipts to earn extra points!

Use my link for 2,000 points for your first receipt scanned:[0]=AT396Wp6noJxdU0KJ3gx3OVgdSzpCewTWld0xqg5fLsm85vDnGFKbpW_FBxxzJgIJIyU1g6HW_1IBYCWsRnHE-9Qo1_7enlAeSpB-gN_7Tq78uuzZTgahAu0sYr7IyjtjSm9tkYqca7d5NJzrkJlEGLqFzFteE8EzKY

or use my code 28UMNDPLUS when you sign up on

Thimble insurance

Thimble offers on-demand insurance for over 100 small business professions. Thimble is perfect for short term (one day) or long term (monthly) insurance needs! Get a policy in 60 seconds. Pause or cancel anytime. The cheapest rates we’ve found!

  • Monthly and on-demand policies
  • No extra fees or deposits
  • Add Additional Insureds at no extra cost
  • Unlimited Certificates of Insurance
  • Free Certificate Management tool

Sign up with our referral link for extra perks!


Sezzle is a payment solution that empowers customers to “Buy Now and Pay Later” with simple, interest-free installment plans. Sezzle works for businesses who have a website through hosts such as Shopify where you can download the Sezzle app and integrate it with your store. With Sezzle, you don’t have to wait for the customer to complete their payments, you receive the money from the order right away! Sezzle handles the payments. Use code: SZROYXQ to sign up!

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