Craft Fair Essentials

Everything you need for your first event!

You just signed up for your first vendor event! Now the panic sets in. Where do I get a tent? Tables? Tablecloths? How do I accept payment? There’s so many options! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find products and links to our top rated essentials to get you started!

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First, you need a canopy. Whether you’re doing indoor or outdoor events, a canopy helps define your space and provides extra display options. (Check with your event’s coordinator about tent use indoors).

The #1 recommended canopy tent referred by our free Facebook group of over 70,000 members (join here).

Real life photos/reviews:

“I LOVE this tent ! It’s affordable, sturdy, has carrying case and walls that are mesh and solid. I don’t know if you can find a better one than this.” -owner of Ninestyles

“it can take the abuse and come back for more”

Facebook group member

“I have an ABC Canopy and set it up by myself no problem at all. I set it up the other day and I’m 8 months pregnant. It’s heavy duty but pops up with ease.”

Facebook group member

What it includes: Commercial 10’x10′ Pop Up Canopy Frame, 10’x10′ Canopy Top Cover, 4 full walls, one 1/2 wall, 1 mesh wall. Roller Bag, 4 Weight Bags, 4 stake and ropes. The upgraded style roller bag is more rugged and durable. One year after-sale protection for frame, six months after-sale protection for fabrics and accessories.

Buy it here:

Cheaper alternatives:

Also suggested by several group members. The difference between the above and below ABC canopy brand is what each listing includes (side walls etc) so make sure to read descriptions to find what works best for your needs!


Next, you’ll need tables (depending on your product). My go-to table is this one! It’s foldable design with carrying handle is especially helpful if you do events on your own. Plus, it’s much lighter than standard folding tables.

In a hurry? You can run to your local Walmart for standard white 6’ tables.


Now to cover those tables! One of the most important things you can do to improve your booth is add tablecloths to your tables! Not only do you appear more professional, you can also hide any storage under your tables, like inventory or checklist items (click HERE for our free printable checklist!). Here’s a few options:

Fitted spandex tablecloth

Here’s an alternative option for better access to underneath your table

Fabric rectangular tablecloth

Real life photo:

“The tablecloths were really inexpensive and wash so well, one of my favorite things.”

-owner of Princess&3Peas

Accepting payment

Credit cards:

The #1 way vendors accept credit card payment is through Square (sign up to receive free processing on $1,000 in sales for 180 days with our referral link— ).

Chip vs swipe?

You will need WiFi, phone data, or hot spot for both options.

Chip reader:

  • Uses Bluetooth to connect the device to your phone or tablet.
  • Contactless payments-customers can use this to pay without coming into contact with you or others.
  • $49 from Square or you can pick one up at your local Walmart, Best Buy, Sam’s, Staples, and other locations.
  • Protects purchases with cards that have chips vs swiping a chip card and risking chargebacks.
  • Also works with tap payments like Apple Pay etc.
  • Any phone brand works with this option as opposed to being limited to iPhone or android for the swipe reader.


  • Directly connects to your phone or tablet through the charger port.
  • NOT exclusive to iPhone users. You pick which connector you need, iphone or android.
  • This adapter is free when you sign up. If you need to replace it, it’s $10 from square or at a store mentioned above.
  • If you swipe a card with a chip and a customer decides to dispute the transaction, there’s a higher chance you’ll lose the dispute because the chip card was swiped vs being inserted.
After you sign up, get your Square stickers and table tent here to display at your booth!

Follow us for future posts about DIY payment signs!

Cash: how much?

Depending on your area and the event, you can either get all card sales or all cash sales or a mix of both, so make sure to be prepared!

Standard events, you’ll need about $200 in cash (adjust for larger expected attendance). To avoid needing coins/change, keep your prices rounded to .00. There will always be that customer that hands you a $100 bill the first hour of your event. Make sure to have four 20’s just in case so you don’t give away all of your change!

  • 20’s-4
  • 10’s-2
  • 5’s-10
  • 1’s-40

Want rewards for Amazon purchases?

This receipt scanning app can be synced with your Amazon to rack up points to redeem for gift cards! I’ve already gotten several coffees for free just by syncing my Amazon! Your points are redeemable for gift cards to several business including target, Walmart, Home Depot, and more! Use my link for 2,000 points for your first receipt!

Time for the fun part!

Now it’s time for displays and decorating!

Follow us for future posts about DIY displays & more!

Want to be featured?

Click the links above and show us how you use our recommended essentials! In return for using your photos, we’ll link your website to your business here on our blog!

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