Clothing/accessory display ideas

We have found the best clothing & accessory displays with next day shipping!

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Clothing racks

Clothing rack— pro tip: insert a piece of cardboard in your totes so they display flat and show off your design better! (Not shown here)
Additional hanging options on the ends (price signs, display clothing, hang accessories, etc.) direct link— **make sure to add weights to the base if using outdoors**
This clothes rack saves space with different heights to display more items like tshirts or children’s clothes. Direct link—

Dressing rooms

If you’re having customers try things on, this portable dressing room is perfect for pop up events-and it’s not sheer/see through like competing brands! Plus, it’s only $30. Link—

This dressing room tent is very popular mostly due to how chic it is! Also portable and folds up similar to how a pop up tent/canopy does. Link—

The perfect addition to The ClosetHolic’s booth!

Hair accessories

Perfect for scrunchies! Pack of 5. Direct link—
Another scrunchies option. Also great for bracelets! Direct link—
Headband organizer/display. For outdoor events, open and fill with weight to avoid wind. Direct link—
Another headband option. Direct link—
Bows & more. Hang this on your canopy or the ends of your clothing rack! Direct link—


Perfect for keychains. Rotating hooks with adjustable heights. Direct link—
Available in 3 colors! Direct link— grab some metal hooks here—
Perfect for patch bill hats. Direct link—

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